Production Bases of Nanjing Odyssey Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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Production bases of Nanjing Odyssey
Production Bases of the Company
The Nanjing-based company currently owns two production bases in China.  Yangzhong Campus is one of the production base located in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, occupying a production site of 20,000 square meters. The other campus is being built at Lianyungang Chemical Industry Park, Duigougang, Guannan County, Jiangsu province, occupying a land area of 54,000 square meters which can be build 10 workshops.
Each campus of the company is a self-consistent system with the fully functionality of accomplishing various projects independently. Currently the two production sites are equipped with 130 sets of various reactors. The total reaction units will be up to 300 after the new production base at Lianyungang Chemical Industry Park comes into operation. It will greatly enhance the company's production capability and make parallel production of different products possible. The estimated monthly output value will be more than 10 million yuan.